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Eevee Turned 2!

April 15, 2011. It was a Friday night yet I had a couple of meetings scheduled the following day but I just had to attend the second year anniversary gig of Nescafe 3in1 Soundskool 2009 champion, Eevee . Held at Big Sky Mind in Quezon City, it was just the right venue for the band’s growing fan base. Soundskool 2010 alumni Soundvent, Kaligta & Kilos, otherwise known as Sony Music Philippines’ X3M Team, likewise performed to celebrate Eevee’s 2nd birthday.

Events Management Trade-off No. 1: Sleep Deprivation

Image: winnond / I usually get two kinds of reactions when people find out I’m into Events Management: they either say, “me too!” or they brighten up & say it must be fun. Well, it is a lot of fun & I’m so glad I got into the industry. I even wrote an article about why I couldn’t turn my back to it. (Feel free to check my Articles page) There are trade-offs, however, and this is probably the first of a series. One of the things you’re likely to miss when you’re into Events would be…sleep. Here’s a glimpse of how it’s like sometimes…

Being on the Outside, Looking In

“Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.” - Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist Image: goldsaint /   Posting this on my Facebook status once resulted in more “likes” than I expected plus a few comments. Perhaps this is because virtually everybody can testify to its verity every now & then, where you get that urge to ask someone to just shut up and let you be. We generally give more leeway with people who are closest to us like family and friends but they also happen to be the ones who tend to cross the line between giving advice and meddling. Sometimes we seek their counsel but more often than not, they give their opinion freely with regard to how you should deal with a certain situation or with almost anything in your life. The thing is, we do practically the same thing when it comes to

Blogging: Took Me Long Enough to Start

I’m finally blogging. After all those planning and even more planning, I’m here at last. I did have my reasons and for a while they seemed enough to justify my apparent neglect of the opportunity to reach a wider audience. For one, I felt like I was doing a lot of writing already that to add blogging to my already hectic schedule seemed too much already. But I already started posting a few articles online anyway so blogging would have to be the next step. As a non-fiction writer, you don’t only write about the things you like or stuff you’re interested in because you don’t always call the shots—the clients do (or in some cases, the boss). And when you exhaust yourself only with what others tell you to write about and writing becomes just a chore, it will gradually kill the buzz you get out of writing and you will reach that point where you feel like you’re starting to lose your own voice. Suffice to say, I see blogging as an ideal exercise to keep the