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End of Year Ramblings 2021

The year is almost over so I should have a farewell entry for the year that was, just because I can.    This is the year when I started this bittersweet dance with mortality. A year when I celebrated every small victory as I go through every phase of this fight against breast cancer. Waking up every single day is a triumph in itself, for which, I thank God all the time. When you're constantly staring at your mortality in the face with every skip & turn, you tend to appreciate that you get to live yet another day.    It's a tough battle but amidst all that, I'm still very much grateful as I am still faring better compared to others who are going through the same struggles. I manage to pull myself out of bed every morning and I hardly give in to the pain, the weakness. I'm glad for my high pain tolerance so I am able to maintain composure despite the agony & discomfort. I thank our Lord for allowing me to somewhat maintain a level of independence and not be such a