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Coming Out of Hiatus

Nine Years. That's how long it took me to find my way out of the rat race.  I’d been meaning to at least get back to blogging even while maintaining a regular job, but I just got too consumed with work that I couldn’t find the time and energy. I forgot that my default is to dive into work with everything I’ve got. I so loved what I was doing that I practically lost myself in it.     Finally, the opportunity to get out of the rat race presented itself just when I needed it and I grabbed it without any hesitation. It was a long time coming; like I had only been waiting for the other shoe to drop especially in the absence of the spark that used to keep me going. As if on cue, I was given a chance to get out of Dodge. It was, indeed, time to move on. It meant stepping out of my comfort zone, but what’s the point in staying if you’ve lost your faith on the direction the train was going?  It wasn’t an easy journey, mind you. We celebrated great milestones, but we also weathered some nast