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Procrastination: The Loathed Enemy

I know I’m not totally immune to the lure of putting things off for later. I’m only human. Writers are pretty prone to procrastination with the handy alibi of waiting for the proverbial inspiration to strike. At times, it can be associated heavily on the infamous writer’s block. I’m sure, however, that chronic procrastinators are present in every industry known to man since it’s a natural tendency for human beings. I’m too aware that I sometimes stray toward that dark path and since I’m not a big fan of wasting time, I usually berate myself when I fall prey to this human weakness. Imagine Dobby the house elf punishing himself with Harry’s lamp, banging his head on the wall—that’s how I would normally feel like doing since kicking myself doesn’t seem enough (perhaps because I never managed to do that successfully). So whenever I notice a pattern emerging, I usually try to find the cause and try to resolve it.  Image: StuartMiles / My tendency to be pretty

Panciteria Lido Visayas Ave: A Worthy Food Trip

A friend suggested checking out Panciteria Lido along Visayas Ave. and I was pretty game for a nice food trip. I’ve heard of the restaurant before but never had a chance to sample any of their branches so I didn’t know what exactly to expect. Well, of course, as the name suggests, there has to be pancit (Chinese noodles). On our visit, I met Visayas Ave. Franchisee Mr. Benigno “Benny” Franco (with business partner, Ms. Pilita Dalisay busy overseeing things at the back) and found out that the branch opened only last June. I just had to ask since from where I was seated, I could see the exact spot where I was last February at the balcony of the establishment beside it & wondered how it could’ve escaped my notice then—it’s cozy & inviting; just the thing I was on a lookout for back then.