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Ghostwriting: Four Qualities You Need as a Writer

 Insights on the qualities that would help you make it as a ghostwriter. Updated for 2021.  Ghostwriting has been around for decades and has since been a popular option for writers since the advent of the blogosphere and social media. The rapid growth of blogging finally opened the doors wide open not only for professional writers but for those aspiring to be one as well. Vlogs may have gained much popularity in recent years but the need for the written word remains, so ghostwriting is still a lucrative profession. Before you get into it, however, consider these four qualities you need aside from good writing skills: Decent Comprehension You might say this should have been obvious, but what some new writers fail to anticipate is that you won’t always receive clear details on what you are supposed to write about. More often than not, you will encounter clients who cannot express their thoughts well and you’ll find yourself reading the instructions or information over and over, trying to