About Me

A Pinay freelance editor/writer with background in marketing, advertising, events management, graphic design, and social media management.

I served as a full-time content writer/editor and Creative Head for an ecommerce site and eventually handled marketing, including social media.  I likewise had a brush with the publishing industry as an editorial assistant and later as an editor and contributor in a local magazine of an NGO. 

My marketing-related writing experiences encompass press releases, advertorials, print ad copies, promo mechanics, web content and scripts for corporate events. My administrative and technical writing experiences, on the other hand, include corporate profiles, company policies, manuals and training materials. 

I did events production work as director, assistant director, stage manager, production manager and coordinator.

About Zinedil's World

Zinedil is a character I created ages ago for an RPG. The project, however, was aborted abruptly so the story got stuck in the synopsis stage. Creative writing took a backseat once again as I focused more on technical and commercial writing along with other production pursuits. Despite all that, this beautiful and mighty fairy queen was never forgotten as she firmly resided in the deep recess of my mind.
When I conceived the concept of finally joining the blogosphere, I remembered my beloved queen and it just clicked. As a literary creation, Zinedil personifies my writing while her world represents my mind--thoughts, insights, opinions and whatever else is going on in there. Perhaps her story will remain a mystery along with all the other stories I never got around to finish but at least she gets to leave the shelf she was condemned to. Through Zinedil's World, I hope to reach out to others who share my interests as I keep my passion for writing burning. 

Join me in my journey as I explore the world within and beyond.

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