End of Year Ramblings 2021

The year is almost over so I should have a farewell entry for the year that was, just because I can. 
This is the year when I started this bittersweet dance with mortality. A year when I celebrated every small victory as I go through every phase of this fight against breast cancer. Waking up every single day is a triumph in itself, for which, I thank God all the time. When you're constantly staring at your mortality in the face with every skip & turn, you tend to appreciate that you get to live yet another day. 
It's a tough battle but amidst all that, I'm still very much grateful as I am still faring better compared to others who are going through the same struggles. I manage to pull myself out of bed every morning and I hardly give in to the pain, the weakness. I'm glad for my high pain tolerance so I am able to maintain composure despite the agony & discomfort. I thank our Lord for allowing me to somewhat maintain a level of independence and not be such a burden to those around me.
I am still so much blessed for having the support I need; that God continues to provide for my needs. That our Lord provided the opportunity to filter and weed out unnecessary noise, leaving me with those who stay for the right reasons; to confirm things you already knew all along, plus a few surprises along the way. I still appreciate the pain and disappointments the year brought as these made me stronger and pushed me to have the necessary courage to survive. I'm still at awe with the outpouring of prayers, light, and love when I need them from family and friends, including some surprising sources. Thank you all so much.
Thank you 2021 for all you brought--the challenges and victories, and everything in between. I welcome 2022 with much hope and courage as I continue my journey. 

Onward, forward.



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