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My Healing Journey: Discovering Breast Cancer in the Time of Pandemic

When I decided to get back into blogging upon leaving my long-term stint in the corporate world, there were so many ideas running in my head on how to map out this journey that I abandoned abruptly so many years ago. I knew I must weed out and filter them soon and declutter my head.  What I never anticipated was that this journey will suddenly become two-pronged. I originally planned on a more career-related theme when I pick up where I left off. Life, however, has other plans for me.  Deterioration   I started having health issues in the last quarter of 2018 when I was hit with mild pneumonia which resulted in my finally ( finally! ) kicking my smoking habit on first try (a good topic for later). That workaholic who stayed up way too late, puffing like a chimney? That would be the old me. My shift started at 12 noon until 10 in the evening but I would usually leave the office around midnight or in the wee hours of the morning so you can just imagine the lifestyle I had for years.  Upo